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Quinta do Avô

Quinta do Avô


The origin of this space is lost in time, which we reconstructed respecting the tradition and history that it contains. The local blacksmith lived and worked here, around the Second World War and later on, everything was converted into an entertainment space, which we have since recovered and modernized.

This is the ideal place for a pleasant stay in one of seven rooms with private bathroom and air conditioning, on a bed and breakfast basis.

Quinta do Avô is an environmentally friendly space where Nature is celebrated. We offer boundless peace and an inexplicable silence.

Outside the Quinta, it is possible to appreciate the richness and diversity of the landscape in different walking trails, such as the “Via Nova” (or Geira), a strategic route of a road from the Roman Empire, which connected Bracara Augusta (today Braga) to Asturica Augusta (today Astorga) in Spain, take a short break to various points of interest in the Peneda Gerês National Park or join a more radical mountain program with some of our certified partners.

These are more than enough reasons for a getaway that frees you from the stress and noise of the city.
We are animal friends.

We are 30 minutes from Braga, in the municipality of Terras de Bouro, at the gates of the Peneda Gerês National Park.


Telephone: +351 961879190

Email: info@quintadoavo.pt

Website: www.quintadoavo.pt

Address: Outeiro – 4840-120 Ribeira – Terras de Bouro

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