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Casinhas do Curral Velho


There are six houses that belongs to Casinhas do Curral Velho: Moinho, Sequeira, Curral, Palheiro, Eira and Carvalha. They are 800 metres away from the centre of Vila do Gerês, in Vidoeiro, Tude de Sousa street, in the middle of Serra do Gerês, between the viewpoints of Junceda and Pedra Bela, in the heart of National Park.

The place contains easy accesses and offers excellent spaces like swimming pool, playground, grill areas, gardens, and plenty of running water. The Casinhas do Curral Velho provide the peace and the silence that you need. Visit us. We are waiting for you.


Telephone | +351 253 391 433

Mobile | +351 938 248 886

Email | geral@casinhasdocurralvelho.com

Website | www.casinhasdocurralvelho.com

Address: Rua Tude de Sousa, nº 153/155, 4845-081 Gerês

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