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Casa do Postigo

Veiga de Covide Terras de Bouro Gerês

Casa do Postigo is classified as a country house and locates in Covide, a typical rural village in the Terras de Bouro council, 40 kms away from the city of Braga.

In the rural environment area of the Peneda-Gerês National Park, with rural and mountainous characteristics, where the mountain centres, the fields that support them and the pastureland are located, the places where the population is most accentuated. The Casa do Postigo has 4 bedrooms with private bathroom, heating and TV. It is available all year and is characterised by his familiar and welcoming atmosphere.


Telephone: 912 421 517

Address: Rua da Igreja, nº 398, 4840-080 Covide – Terras de Bouro

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