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Restaurante Cerdeira

Restaurante Gerês
Pedaco Gerês

In the Cerdeira Restaurant, with capacity for hundred people, you can enjoy the regional flavours of traditional gastronomy with quality products and local flavours.

Specialities: “Costeletão” (veal) and “Bacalhau à Lagareiro” (codfish).

The famous egg pudding often finishes the meal by the fireplace.

It also has vegetarian dishes, for celiacs (on request) and a take-away service for clients who want to take meals in their bungalows, tents, or caravans.

The Cerdeira Restaurant supports the “Parque Cerdeira” (accommodation and activities) so that you have a truly restful and restorative weekend.


Telephone: + 351 253 351 005 or + 351 253 353 315

Email: info@parquecerdeira.com(link sends e-mail)

Website: www.parquecerdeira.com

Address: Campo do Gerês, 4840-030 Terras de Bouro

GPS coordinates: 41º 45′ 46” N – 8º 11′ 25”

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