5th Annual Program of Guided Hikes - Gerês 2017

5th Annual Program of Guided Hikes - Gerês 2017

The 5th edition of the Annual Program of Guided Hikes will run in Gerês until December 31st, 2017 and is once again organized by the tourism companies association Gerês Viver Turismo and again with the support of Terras de Bouro Municipal Council. Resulting from an established partnership, the hikes are carried out by five companies of leisure and tourim activities of the county, with specialized guides and that know well the territory.

In the current year, there are more than thirty trails to enjoy, most of which will be repeated over twelve months, resulting in a total of 126 days with guided hikes.

As in previous editions, potential participants will be able to participate in nocturnal hikes, this year on Fridays and Saturdays, from June to September in a total of 14. Included in the annual program is the 5th edition of the Hiking Festival to be held on the 18th and 19th of March, wich is the most significant in Portugal, the 3rd edition of the Summer Solstice event and the 4th edition of the Halloween Trail.

As in 2016, several festive dates, such as World Tree Day, International Biodiversity Day and World Tourism Day will be marked and celebrated with guided hikes under this program.

For the fifth consecutive year, the organizing entity intends once again to highlight Gerês as a territory of excellence for hiking in nature, highlighting a whole network of trails that can be found in this tourist destination and travel safely. It is also intended to promote a healthier lifestyle in conjunction with the diversified natural and cultural heritage of Gerês.

How to participate:

A) For free, if you become a customer of any affiliated companies to the program (see listing below). Registration is done at the company that you become customer.

B) Subject to payment, if you do not become a customer of any affiliated company to the program. In this situation, hiking costs € 7.50 (half day hikes) and € 12.50 (one day hikes). To register, up to 48 hours before the date of the hike, you must send an email to vivergeres@gmail.com, in which you must include the following, in relation to each one of the persons to register;

Full name + date of birth + country of residence + name of the trail + date of the hike




Note: The dates of all hikes of this program can also be consulted in the AGENDA of this website.


Affiliated companies 2017 | IN UPDATE

Adelaide Hotel

Beira Rio do Gerês

Casa da Fonte

Costa da Banga

Hostel Gerês

Hotel Águas do Gerês

Hotel Beleza da Serra

Hotel Carvalho Araújo

Hotel S. Bento

Lakeview - Gerês Guest House

Parque Cerdeira

Quinta da Balança

Quinta de Gestaçós

Villas do Agrinho


Technical files of the trails / hikes (PDF) | IN UPDATE 

Note: while the technical files are not available you can request info on trails/hikes to vivergeres@gmail.com